6 Best Online Resume Builders Reviewed

Your resume can improve or worsen your job application. This is the starting point towards a career that can determine how your life changes from that point. That's why creating a resume can be a daunting challenge.

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Still confused to make a compelling CV and professional? No worries! A lot of sites that provide services the creation of CV, ranging from free to paid. Make your CV is no longer using the MS Word and converted to PDF.

ResumUP (www.resumup.com)

If you want to make a creative CV, CG! highly recommend the site to this one. The design is attractive and equipped with infographics make CV we dont be boring!

Easel.ly (www.easel.ly)

Easel.ly provides a variety of templates that are visually attractive CV. Suitable for those of us who really like to apply for a job in the field of creative!

Visual CV (www.visualcv.com)

Through Visual CV, we can choose a different template CV with a minimalist design and professional.

Online CV Generator (www.onlinecvgenerator.com)

This is not a site that requires us to register, so that we can create a CV without a hassle! When you sign in to our site will be asked to fill out the basic information ranging from education to work experience, choose a template and download it for free.


Resume Baking (www.resumebaking.com)

A resume builder that's easy us pie! Agree dont if the site name and tagline really cruel of him? In addition to having a varied fonts, the site also sorts out the example CV suit profession such as accountants, executives, HR, media and so on. Interesting!

Kick Your Resume (www.kickresume.com)

In addition to providing the template CV, we can also make a compelling cover letter Resume Kick. Psst, if not comfortable with templates that have been provided, we can change the colors and fonts according to which we want!